League of Legends Patch 14.6 – All The Details You Need to Know 

With Patch 14.5 of League of Legends released for players all around the world and cementing itself as a game-changing patch, making Seraphine a support-based champion, Twisted Fate being redirected from the AD Builds and Rek’Sai’s constant changing finally being put to a halt. So far, partial changes have been revealed and it confirms that Smolder will be undergoing some massive changes with Senna and Galio following suit.

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When will the patch be released?

Reports say that the latest update for LoL Patch 14.6, will hit the servers on March 20th and it will occur with the High Noon event, bringing an array of new skins with it. What the release time of the update will be is currently unknown.

Which Champions will be buffed?

Compared to the previous patches, the buffs on this League of Legends patch will be very minor with only 5 Champions receiving Riot Games’ blessings this time around. Mains of Cho’Gath and Ornn will be thankful for a smooth early game experience while Sion will enjoy better AD scaling when using Decimating Smash! Players of Trynmadere and Diana will breathe a sigh of relief as well since this LoL patch will buff their Attack Speed, putting them in a better advantage positions against other players.

Which Champions will be nerfed?

The most dreaded section of any patch notes, or the most thankful as well, depending on which LOL Champion you main as, and three prominent Champions will be in trouble once this LoL patch rolls out. Briar will be able to ward hop but at the price of noticeable healing, attack speed and damage nerfs. Karma will be on the receiving end of the dev’s wrath due to her ability to abuse malignance constantly and passive nerfs will gently push Senna towards support roles.

The main highlight of this nerf will be Smolder once again as his bonus movement speed will be reduced from 100% to 75% and his beloved mother dragon won’t be able to rescue him from this nerf!

Adjustments and Item Changes

With this LoL patch, Galio will be adjusted towards a tankier and less burst-heavy playstyle with Kayn embraces changes from the previous Patch as well to balance out his Assassin and Darkin forms.

The Item Changes will heavily favor ADC Builds since buffs to Infinity Edge, Lord Dominik’s Regards, and Navoi Quickbaldes mean that the ADCs are not to be trifeled with.


We can gather from this information that LOL Patch 14.6 is just a continuation of Patch 14.5 with Senna and kayn being constantly adjusted, Smolder’s grasp on the meta has loosened and the ADC’s will be out for blood this time. If you feel the need to top up, visit the website here:- 

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