Invicta Watches: A Guide to the Swiss Watch Company

Invicta is a Swiss watch company that has been making quality timepieces since 1837. Invicta means “invincible” in Latin, and the company’s motto is “Innovators by Tradition”. Invictawatches are known for their durability, style, and affordability. In this article, we will give you an overview of Invicta watches, their history, their collections, and their features.

History of Invicta Watches

Invicta was founded by Raphael Picard in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, in 1837. Picard wanted to create watches that were both elegant and accessible to the masses. He used Swiss craftsmanship and innovative technology to produce high-quality watches at reasonable prices. Invicta soon gained popularity and recognition in Europe and beyond.

In the 1970s, Invicta faced a challenge from the rise of quartz watches, which were cheaper and more accurate than mechanical watches. Invicta had to adapt to the changing market and reinvent itself. In 1991, Invicta was acquired by the Invicta Watch Group, a US-based company that relocated the headquarters to Hollywood, Florida. The new owners revived the brand and expanded its product line, offering a wide range of styles and designs for different tastes and preferences.

Today, Invicta is one of the most recognizable and successful watch brands in the world, with over 30 collections and thousands of models. Invicta watches are sold in over 100 countries and have a loyal fan base of collectors and enthusiasts. Invicta also sponsors various events and celebrities, such as the Invicta Ocean Voyage, the Invicta Cruise, and the Invicta Fighting Championship.

Collections of Invicta Watches

Invicta watches are divided into several collections, each with its own theme, personality, and features. Some of the most popular collections are:

  • Pro Diver: This collection is inspired by the world of diving and features water-resistant watches with rotating bezels, luminous hands and markers, and stainless steel or rubber straps. Pro Diver watches are suitable for both casual and professional divers, as well as anyone who loves the ocean.
  • Bolt: This collection is characterized by bold and striking designs, with cable accents, chronograph functions, and colorful dials. Bolt watches are made for adventurous and daring people who want to stand out from the crowd.
  • Lupah: This collection is based on the Latin word for “wolf” and reflects the spirit of freedom and individuality. Lupah watches have curved cases, interchangeable straps, and unique shapes and sizes. Lupah watches are ideal for those who like to express their personality and style.
  • Reserve: This collection is the pinnacle of Invicta’s craftsmanship and quality, featuring the most sophisticated and exclusive watches in the brand. Reserve watches have Swiss-made movements, premium materials, and limited editions. Reserve watches are designed for the most discerning and demanding watch lovers.

Features of Invicta Watches

Invicta watches have many features that make them attractive and functional, such as:

  • Swiss-made movements: Invicta watches use Swiss-made movements, which are renowned for their accuracy, reliability, and durability. Invictawatches have either quartz or automatic movements, depending on the model and preference of the wearer.
  • Flame Fusion crystal: Invicta watches use Flame Fusion crystal, which is a proprietary material that combines mineral and sapphire crystals. Flame Fusion crystal is scratch-resistant, shatter-resistant, and anti-reflective, ensuring the clarity and protection of the watch face.
  • Tritnite coating: Invictawatches use Tritnite coating, which is a luminous material that glows in the dark. Tritnite coating is applied to the hands and markers of the watch, allowing the wearer to read the time in low-light conditions.
  • Water resistance: Invicta watches have various levels of water resistance, ranging from 30 meters to 3000 meters, depending on the collection and model. Water resistance indicates the ability of the watch to withstand water pressure and prevent water damage. Invictawatches are tested and certified to meet the international standards of water resistance.


Invicta watches are a great choice for anyone who is looking for a stylish, durable, and affordable watch. Invicta watches have a long and rich history, a diverse and impressive collection, and a variety of features that enhance their performance and appearance. Invictawatches are available online at the official Invicta website or at the official Invicta stores. You can also browse the Invicta men’s watches at the official Invicta store for Europe. Whether you are a diver, a racer, a wolf, or a connoisseur, you can find an Invicta watch that suits your taste and needs.

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